How to get Yourself Ready For SSB Interview

Best Coaching Institute For SSB Interview in Chandigarh

Being a commissioned officer in Indian armed forces is a thing of a pride, a lot of hard work, dedication, discipline is needed to be an officer. To get selected as an officer one has to go through a series of testing, firstly the written test, than a SSB interview  which lasts Upto 5 days, than a medical test, after that the final merit list, if you clear all these testing stages you are selected as an officer.

But the thing is how to crack these stages, first two stages are in your hand, we at Target SSB helps you in clearing the second stage of testing, I.e the SSB interview part, we are the best institute which provides counselling for SSB, it’s called counselling because we help in changing your personality so that you will be fit for armed forces, our selection rate is above 46% which is very high. Do you want to know how to get ready for SSB interview? Target SSB is the best coaching institute for ssb interview in Chandigarh.

What basically SSB is?

SSB is a test of personality, it’s not only about intelligence but about overall personality, overall testing is based upon a set of 15 OLQ’s everything revolves around those OLQ’s, traditional coaching institutes makes one cram the process, at Target SSB we help in developing OLQ’s which ultimately leads to success.

Now the process of SSB, it’s a 5 day testing procedure with two phases, first is screening in which candidates are required to attempt a reasoning test followed by writing a story on a blurred picture and discussion over the story, those who get through this are required to stay for 5 days, rest are asked to leave.

Those who get through are made to go through three tests:

-psychology test which checks the unconscious state of a candidate’s mind,
-group testing which checks the conscious state of mind,
-interview which checks the subconscious state of mind,

The candidate who posses required OLQ’s in all three tests gets recommended for armed forces.

OLQ’s are classified in four categories:

1. Mind
2. Heart
3. Guts
4. Limbs

There are 15 OLQ’s which are divided in these 4 categories

1. Mind: It includes 4 OLQ’s, these are:

– Effective intelligence
– Reasoning ability
– Organising ability
– Power of expression

2. Heart: It includes 3 OLQ’s:

– Social Adaptability
– Cooperation
– Sense of Responsibility

3. Guts: It includes 5 OLQ’s, these are :

– Initiative
– Speed of Decision
– Self Confidence
– Ability to Influence a Group
– Liveliness

4. Heart: It includes 3 OLQ’s:

– Determination
– Courage
– Stamina

A candidate possessing minimum of 7 OLQ’s gets recommended for armed forces, this is the minimum and only criteria for selection, this process is followed by a medical, than a merit list is updated based on written and SSB marks.

At Target SSB we helps in developing maximum OLQ’s and works with a candidate till he gets selected, we don’t coach a candidate we provide counselling and helps in overall personality development. Join us and we will help you in fulfilling your dream, condition is that you should that zeal in you, you should be fully dedicated towards your goal.

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