First phase of SB interview:

Picture perception and discussion test, This is the first stage of SSB, some candidates often took it as picture perception and description test and start describing the picture which leads to rejection, nowadays a lot of crowds appears for SSB and nearly 90% of them got screened out so it’s very important to focus on screening.

How is PPDT conducted:

A very hazy picture is shown for 30 seconds, you have to write a story around that in total 4 and half minutes, followed by an individual narration and group discussion.

How to get screened in:

Screening is the most competitive part of SSB interview, you should be able to perform differently so that assessors can notice you in the group, trick here is OLQ’s just write a simple short story comprising 4 to 5 OLQ’s, this can be possible if you have been able to develop the required OLQ’s, your responses will be automatically in accordance with the requirements, story should not be lengthy as the time given for narration is 30 to 40 seconds, be confident in your narration, voice should be loud and clear don’t fumble.

Than comes the discussion part, listen story of every group member, appreciate good points, add your point and try to participate in discussion at least 2 to 3 times, if discussion becomes unhealthy try to calm down the group, it’s a simple trick which will help you in get screened in, here also the most important part is OLQ’s, your story, narration and discussion all are directly related to OLQ’s, so work on them.

One more part of screening process is officer intelligence rating test, its a simple test of reasoning all questions are 10th based just go through OIR tests available on various sites this will give you an idea about the questions.

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